Mariam Rodriguez Otero

Venezuelan visual artist born in Caracas in 1979. A dentistry graduate from Santa María University who practiced her profession for several years and also created art, not only was she able to embellish smiles but also to capture them on the canvas with her fresh and modern proposal. A lover of the small details of everyday life, Mariam gives us, in every piece of her artwork, lines, and phrases of the collective human experience with a good dose of humor and reality, art that extends from the canvas to any other everyday objects. Mariam grew up surrounded by art, her mother who did oil paintings on easel and gave her the vision of the artist she is today. She lives in the City of Miami, from where she immerses us in her world of color. Her proposal is fresh, modern, geometric, and minimalist, perfect to decorate spaces in the home, office, study rooms, and terraces.