Integrating Art INTO Your Everyday,
So Everyone Can Become a Collector.


What We
Stand For:

A Passion For Art

With Apollo, it's easy to integrate art into your everyday life and elevate any space using your phone, your computer, or your tablet.

Apollo is always at your fingertips. Create art playlists, enjoy exclusive artist made video content, and acquire digital and physical art with confidence.

Our bespoke Apollo premier displays allow you to house and showcase your digital art library through cutting edge technology, elevating your home or business.

Become The Curator,

and bring art into your everyday life with Apollo.

Apollo is a simple to use app that allows you to create custom playlists from your favorite world-renowned artists. Playlists can be instantly displayed on any smart-enabled TV in your home or office transforming any room into a digital gallery.

A marketplace where you can discover and invest in original NFT digital and physical art curated by experts.

Apollo Premier is an elevated patent protected digital display for those who want to introduce the finest digital art into their home or business.

Cutting edge design meets cutting edge technology. Where you curate playlists for every mood.

Apollo Premier houses your digital motion art to bring digital into physical form to enjoy your colection.

Apollo Premier+ is the art lover's membership you have been waiting for, packed with exclusive access to events, fairs, artists and their work. A community with like minded individuals passionate about contemporary art.


Visit our First Apollo Premier Experience Center located within the largest art gallery in Dallas, Texas in the design district. Visit us to enjoy the complete Apollo Premier experience. The Apollo Premier Experience Center is in partnership with Samuel Lynne Galleries.

Dallas Experience Center
at Samuel Lynne Galleries:
1105 Dragon St.
Dallas, TX 75207

We are headquartered in Chicago. Illinois in the heart of the River North Gallery district. Our HQ also features an Apollo Experience Center.

Chicago Headquarters:
215 W Huron Suite 1,
Chicago, IL 60654


Customer service is most important to ensure all customers are not only satisfied, but have the assistance they need to feel comfortable acquiring with Apollo, as well as troubleshoot as needed.

where you'll find common FAQ's and troubleshooting info.

A fully staffed service center which provides 24/7/365 support for all apollo platforms via our toll free number.
(877)-790-1411 and via

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The Apollo back-end system and digital art is encrypted and the technology was developed in house. Files are stored via cloud storage on the AWS platform.

Marketplace and purchased works run on the bigcommerce platform with secure payment processing via Stripe directly through our platform without leaving our site. We utilize the Ethereum Digital blockchain decentra lized software platform for all purchases with Cryptocurrency.


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