Breakthrough technology
meets high-end design

Apollo Premier is a patent-protected digital display perfect for anyone looking to introduce the finest digital art into their home or business.

Apollo Premier houses your digital art collection and delivers a superior display experience, completely customizing and elevating any space.

This bespoke, revolutionary art display integrates seamlessly into smart home technology, allowing your digital collection to become physical.

Apollo premier Apollo premier

The Process

The Apollo Premier customization process gives you complete control of the layout, functionality, and design of your display. Our team guides you through the concept and implementation of each build from start to finish.

Select from a wide array of material and layout options to create an authentic and unique installation. Our exclusive finishing touches—including lighting, music, power, and framing—can be customized for each setting.

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Customize your space

Apollo Premier displays are completely bespoke and designed by in-house teams of architects for the most discerning homes and spaces.

Apollo premier Apollo premier Apollo premier


Our Dallas experience center, located within Samuel Lynne Galleries, showcases an authentic and truly customized user experience. A configuration of six 55” Apollo displays highlights different orientations of vertical, horizontal, and grouped display options, showcasing over 10 layouts of fine art and video. With the entire room on display, visitors can interact with the design, finishes, and technology. The center is run on Savant home automation, resulting in an immersive experience of art displays, lighting design, and music, including one-touch control. The finishes combine Gris de Savoie Marble into oak-stained millwork, with black glass mirrors and shelving for entertaining.

Museum Drive

Inspired by the displays in luxury retail stores, three 65” Premier displays are installed in this private residence in Chicago. Seamless integration into the modern home design is achieved with millwork headers, drywall panels and LED lighting. Art can be controlled via the app to show His or Her favorites - or be customized for entertaining, cooking, or winding down for the evening. The configuration shows vertical and horizontal art, allowing the residents to choose from a wide range of art to display.

Apollo Showroom - Chicago

Our Chicago showroom features multiple apollo displays, including examples of Premier installation and displays activated with the Consumer app. Ascending up the stairs, three 65” Premier displays are mounted flush into the wall. A rift oak millwork frame with a chrome inlay elevates these displays into a impactful design feature and ties in with the finishes of the showroom space. Another 85” 8K display with a millwork frame serves as the conference room centerpiece. Two 4K TVs are activated with the app, showcasing the His & Hers playlists on a Family Plan app. All apollo locations are controlled by the showroom’s smart home system, allowing the team to control the art in tune with the music and lighting of the space.

Apollo Premier+

Apollo Premier+ is what you’ve been waiting for. This membership is packed with exclusive access to events, fairs, and artist portfolios. Welcome to a community of people just as passionate about contemporary art as you are.

Membership Benefits

Test the cutting edge of art culture with the exclusive benefits.



Members enjoy access to prestigious events and exclusive programming

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Unleashing Buying Power

Members have a 24-hour preview window of all new digital NFT work

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Members can meet like-minded individuals, leading to life-changing collaborations and relationships.

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